Days 1 – 3 of 365


I spent today playing with my star wars lego that I had for my birthday.


Mummy drying her hair.


Its the last day of the holidays, back to school tomorrow.  So im spending today playing on my Nintendo Wii.


4 responses to “Days 1 – 3 of 365

  1. Danyale (gette3)

    What a cool lego Star Wars! I loved playing them with my kids too. We would sit for hours, so much fun! The are grown up now, so the legos are waiting for our 4y/o grand-daughter to get into..hahahahahaha! Great pictures!

  2. Hi Callum,
    I’m taking pictures too and Mummy is posting mine on a blog for everyone to see too! I love yours, Lego and the Wii are my favourites too, although I haven’t got any from StarWars!
    Bye 4 now

  3. Hi Callum,
    great pictures I look forward to visiting your blog everyday to see what you have been up too
    Richard’s Mum – Kerri

  4. Hi Callum – great photos !! My son Ty loves the Wii too I’ll have to put a picture up of him playing it at somepoint through the year.
    Good luck with your P365 – Have fun

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