Days 5 – 7 of 365

🙂 I made it through the first week, here are my photographs from day 5 to 7

Todays photo is of my bag, im off to stop with Nanny & Grampa this evening.

My toy motorbike.

Had to do my homework today, so here is a photo of my maths worksheet.  Mummy said I was a really good boy as I sat and did it all, with a little help from some 1 pence coins to help me work out my sums.


Day 4 of 365

Todays photo is of ME, took this photo this morning before I went to school.  As you can see im in my school uniform.  Had a good day in school today.

Days 1 – 3 of 365


I spent today playing with my star wars lego that I had for my birthday.


Mummy drying her hair.


Its the last day of the holidays, back to school tomorrow.  So im spending today playing on my Nintendo Wii.

Hello world!

This is my first ever blog 🙂

My mum is doing the Project 365 challenge this year, check out her blog here.

I decided that I would try and do the Project 365 as well, mum of course will be posting the pictures and helping me write on my blog.  But all the photographs posted I have taken myself.